Online Security

Just because a company attends trade shows as an exhibitor doesn’t mean that the rest of the business comes to a halt. It is very common for most of the staff to be at the exhibition and still carry on business as they usually would. This creates some concerns.

Security Online

Most often, the trade show locations allow for access to free internet. Although this is convenient, it is not the most secure way of being online. Companies quite often will remotely access their business computers, which could leave them vulnerable in this type of setting. The safest solution for companies doing online business at the trade show is to utilise the services of a vpn, which can give them the extra protection they need through the provision of a VPN.

What are the Risks?

There are a lot of risks to using an unsecured internet connection. Even those who have some level of security are not protected enough in this type of setting. It is a real convenience, and often a necessity that a company be able to access the internet when attending a trade show.

For some, they realise the security issues, and this makes them nervous.

Once they learn that there is good security which they can rely on for protection, they can breathe much easier.

The most significant risk is the breach of private information. Even if the mobile device is only being used to gather addresses, these are still vulnerable to being hacked. Customers need to know that any data they are providing to a company is going to be safe and secure.

The company has the responsibility for doing this. Having access to a VPN is one of the most secure ways of protecting data which is being transmitted across the internet. If the right company is used, it can be a very cost-effective way of increasing security.