Staying Cyber Safe at Exhibitions

There are undoubtedly a lot of different activities which take place at an exhibition. When these are appropriately attended, they can significantly benefit the businesses who have a presence there.

A Positive Attitude

Some do not want to attend trade shows as exhibitors because they feel they are up against their competitors. Smart business people know that competition is good for business. Attending the trade show with a positive attitude gets the business presence off to a good start.

Important Meetings

An exhibition is a perfect place to be able to meet the right people. It may be suppliers, wholesalers or potential clients. Often, what takes place at the exhibitions, are introductions to different people within the industry and meetings can be scheduled.

The Use of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become such an essential part of any industry that they are used continuously, both in business settings and away from it. They are especially useful when attending an exhibition. However, security has to be considered when using a public internet setting. These risks can be significantly reduced when the mobile devices being used are being protected by vpn, which specialises in protecting both businesses and the general public who use the internet. A VPN allows for the transfer of network traffic to be done through a fully secure IP address.


Another great benefit of being an attendee at an exhibition is being able to network. A network is one of the most valuable resources which a business can have. The larger their network is, the more valuable it becomes.


It is not uncommon for opportunities to arise where collaboration can be carried out. One business may need something which another company can assist them with, even though they are in the same industry.